Internship Experience

Intern Testimonials

“As an intern has been eye opening through the various aspects of A-C Electric Company I have been exposed to. The experiences I’ve had and the skills I’ve learned will help me succeed in “the real world” after graduation.”
-Mauricio Gomez

My experience has been fantastic with regards to ethics, time management, and trying to implement LEAN culture
-Andrew Stockton

““When involving real life events of communicating and building things purposely, A-C electric has done a marvelous job at providing the correct mindset for business oriented development and synergizing employees to efficiently manage work flow tactics in the future.”
-Brian Castaneda

“Over at CS, everyone has been so welcoming and friendly. It’s only been four weeks but I’ve had so many great experiences and encounters; I would love to work at a company like this in the future. ”
-Danielle Chatfelter

“I learned more in one day than a whole semester at CSU-Fresno in regards to hands on experiences at A-C Electric Company! Love the continuous learning culture here!”
-Jazmin Chavez

As an intern working under Division B manager Rusty Stone, I have learned so much about Electrical Contracting and Construction through visiting many jobsites, looking at blueprints, and attending many planning meetings. Throughout this internship I have gained valuable knowledge and experience that I will never obtain anywhere else.
-Benjamin Tan

“Interning at AC Electric has been an exciting and diverse learning experience.” Steve Paek