Why A-C Electric Company?

Headhunter Repellent, or What?

By Thomas P. Zauder, CFO at A-C Electric Company, 09.07.17


Last week I received yet another call from a Headhunter telling me that they were “looking for someone with great qualifications just like you”. After letting her know that I was not interested in leaving A-C she asked me why. I started to think back on the last forty years here at A-C and realized that we have never ever had anyone recruited away from our company. So why has no one ever taken the bait? As I thought about it more, I realized it was probably for all the same reasons I have never even thought about exploring any of the multitude of offers I have received over my forty years with A-C. I explained to her that our culture as reflected in our values says it all. Why would anyone leave a company that cares so deeply for the people who work here? Here is what I came up with.

  • Salary with bonus at the top of the industry
  • Strong family values with a real work life balance
  • Exciting work with growth and constant learning experiences
  • Total current and deferred benefit packages that exceed 90% of base salary over a career
  • Two profit sharing and one retirement plans with benefits fully funded by the A-C that have averaged over 40% of annual salary (making millionaires out of many of our retirees)

Much of our growth in employment is fueled internally from our investing in our employees through education and training. Even with our phenomenal programs, we are growing faster than we can fill positions. So there are a very few key positions opening up to outside hires.

Current Openings