Solar farm panels

Renewable Energy

The decision to purchase a PV solar power generation system is as much about financial efficiency as is it about energy efficiency. Let A-C Electric Company’s Energy Team assist you in determining if solar is right for you.

A-C Solar


As with any investment, assurance that the initial capital cost will be recouped is essential for a business seeking to be competitive in a fast-paced marketplace. This is why the first step in any potential A-C Electric solar installation is to produce a detailed financial model, which compares your current utility rate structure with future solar energy production to calculate your projected savings. Annual savings from the solar array are plotted against the monthly costs of a utility-dependent energy system to accurately chart the savings you will be able to add back into your budget.


Because each business’s budget is as unique as its energy demands, A-C Electric can tailor a financing package to qualified clients with options like Power Purchase Agreements, leases and traditional bank financing. Our Energy Team is also well versed in the
numerous state, federal and utility company incentives
to ensure that your system is delivered at the lowest possible cost.


After determining that a PV solar generating system meets your financial goals, our design team works to bring concept to reality. Whether your needs include a roof mount, ground mount, solar carport, stationary or sun-tracking system, every detail is integrated into our design to maximize quality and operational efficiency while minimizing installed cost. Since A-C Electric is not captive to any specific manufacturer, we are free to engineer a system that is optimized to meet the
specific needs of each facility.


Not only is your solar PV array composed of quality elements, it is constructed by an authority in electrical construction with 65 years of quality to its name. A-C Electric can deliver a turn-key installation including PV modules, racking, tie-in to facility distribution system, interconnect to local utility, substation design and construction and overhead line. Our record of consistently completing projects on time and under budget has earned A-C Electric Company its reputation as
Central California’s most trusted name in electrical construction.


The value of a warranty is only as good as the company that offers it. Many firms selling solar energy systems have been in business only a fraction of the time included in the warranties that they are offering! With 65 years of local electrical service, we give you the peace of mind that we will be around to service and maintain your system for years to come. To ensure maximum reliability of
your new PV solar generation system, we offer our customers a comprehensive warranty and preventative maintenance plan. These periodic checkups maintain production, extend the lifespan of your system and maximize benefit to your business.