BC solar project a long-term boon, short-term parking problem

Construction of a multi-million dollar solar project at Bakersfield College will continue well into the school session, hampering parking for thousands of incoming students but providing valuable shade for those who can find a spot.

On Friday, workers dug out trenches and planters in the northeast parking lot where several 14-foot pillars already stand. When complete, solar panels will hang above the pillars and over parking spots.

“Even the highest lifted trucks will be able to fit under,” said spokeswoman Amber Chiang.

The $8.3 million project will feature solar panels that will follow the sun’s movement and will also provide valuable shade. More importantly, it will also supply about a third of the campus’ energy needs, Chiang said. About 90 percent of the jobs needed to work on the lot at Mount Vernon Avenue and Panorama Drive are filled with Kern County workers, Chiang said.

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